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Dungeon World: Setak—Mythology

The local gods of Setak are At'Ul, Eng, Ess'Beh and Emm'Ess, and Amuhz.

At'Ul is the eldest, here before any others. At'Ul has dominion over the earth, the plants and the animals. The people of Setak still fear and respect At'Ul, and yet do not honor him.

Eng has dominion over the skies, and the birds of the air. Eng is the patron of travelers, and of war. Eng is often seen elsewhere as capricious, for he can bring both pleasant breezes and violent storms, and yet the people of Setak find him fairly constant, bringing warmth in summer and gloom in winter.

Ess'Beh and Emm'Ess are sister and brother, elder and younger, twin gods of civilization. Ess'Beh is a goddess of the waters, but is seen as a provider of all sorts of nourishment, food from the land as well as fish from the sea. Emm'Ess has dominion over men, and provides the tools for civilization, tools of power and magic.

Amuhz is also a goddess of civilization, the goddess of knowledge and commerce. Amuhz is aloof, and will grant her knowledge to any who ask, but may yet withhold it or withdraw it on her whim. 

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