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DW: Seattle thoughts

It's not Seattle, it's "Setak". It's highly likely for that reason that I'll work the Egyptian god Sutekh in somehow, in some fashion.

The population is diverse—elves, dwarves, halflings, and humans. And not just that, but goblins and such as well.

Bell-town: Obviously the residents carry bells around with them. Maybe to keep ghosts away. I think it's probably considered the safest enclave, at least among humans.

The Queen's Hill: Most of the elves live here. The Lace Queen naturally looks just like Stevie Nicks, except elvish.

Cap-Ill: Probably has an undead problem, underground, hence the name. The Cathedral may still be in use, holy orders up there trying to keep the Ill contained beneath the ground, but of course you can access the Catacombs from the Cathedral. Mad Rona is known to wander about on Cap-Ill.

Near-Square: Ta Yu dominates the Id, and his influence extends into Near-Square, certainly, although that's pretty lawless. Near-Square and the Under-Square are where you'll find Setak's goblinoid population, and easy entrances to the Sunderground. Watch out for dark creepers and dark stalkers.

Gorgetown: Probably where the dwarves tend to live, maybe gnomes as well. 

The University: Hmm, perhaps a Sutekh connection works there? Also, that's the stronghold of the Conclave, who of course are all wizards and sorcerers and loremasters.

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