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eager for gaming

Obviously, work's been on my mind a lot recently, what with having work to do and also being very aware (as I pretty much always am) of all the other things I need to be getting done. So naturally when I am trying to be mindful of work and making progress on those fronts, what's really been on my mind a lot has been Dungeon World. I'm really eager to play more of the game, and especially to run it, which is pretty cool as I haven't been excited about running games in years. Now I've got ideas, I can see how easy it will be to toss in a bunch of stuff I've always wanted to use, and I don't really have to worry about lots of mechanical details and writing down stats and all that kind of work—I just need names, some descriptive tags (some of which do have mechanical effects in a sense, but still much easier to handle than conventional D&D), and I need to be ready to think on my feet and go for hard choices—which itself is really the only hard part to running the game. In a sense the trickiest part is not getting too excited, getting carried away with dreaming up cool stuff and playing things out in my head rather than waiting to come up with awesome stuff together with the players at the table in the moment of the game. 

I wanted to do a Dungeon World: Boston oracle the other night, after doing the Seattle one, but I had work to do and couldn't spare the time to think about that. I'm still hoping to get that set down soon, though.

The biggest problem may turn out to be not having enough time or not having players interested long enough to satisfy the ideas I have. But really, that's a good problem to have; playing at all will be better than not playing. This year, I'm really looking forward to Go Play NW, because I'm excited to run games myself.

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