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third anniversary

Well, today was the third anniversary of my arrival in Seattle. I marked the occasion with a long walk through parts of Seattle I haven't really been in before, though that hadn't really been my intent. I walked to the Central District Seattle Neighborhood Center, down on 23rd Ave and South Jackson, to finally get a pet license for Nimiel. Then I went down Yesler Way to check out Kobe Terrace Park down off 6th Ave. After that, I headed into downtown, thinking I'd just walk up to Pine and head home that way, stopping at the pet store.

But then I saw the waterfront trolley sitting at its southern terminal. I've never taken the trolley, and I just recently read that it's closing at the end of this summer, perhaps permanently. So I decided to get a snack and then ride the trolley up to the northern terminal, then I could walk back through downtown. At the northern end, however, is Myrtle Edwards Park, which I've seen on maps but never been to. And it's right on the bay, so I decided to take a walk through the park. It was pretty chilly and windy, and the sun set while I was there, but it was pretty nice.

At that point, I was closer to Magnolia than downtown, or even Belltown, but I still had to walk all the way back. Altogether I spent about four hours walking, which is a lot more than I usually do, and my feet were pretty sore when I got home. But it was a good walk, and I should do something like that more often. Also I'd still like to get a bicycle, I keep forgetting that there are good bike trails all over the place (such as Myrtle Edwards Park) and I wouldn't always be cycling up and down steep hills if I had one.

Anyhow, one thing I thought about during my walk was the places I haven't been to yet, after three years of living here:

  • Vancouver, BC - or Victoria, or generally anywhere up north
  • Bainbridge Island, Bremerton, or otherwise across the Sound
  • The Olympic Peninsula, up in the mountains and rainforest
  • The Pacific Ocean proper, on the other side of the Olympic Peninsula
  • Portland or anywhere else in Oregon
  • Mount St. Helens

I'd like to go to at least a couple of those places this year. These are all far enough away that I don't want to go off on my own, I want someone along for the trip. But it seems like most of my friends here are too busy, or just disinterested in long day trips. (Well, Vancouver at least is more like a weekend trip.) On the other hand, these are good trips when I have visitors, so there's some likelihood of getting to take a couple of these trips. And I do have at least a couple friends here who like to visit Vancouver, so that may happen sooner.

In any case, here's to three good years in Seattle, and many more to come.


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Mar. 20th, 2005 03:24 am (UTC)
I am leaving this comment from your home computer, which means you are no longer logged in! I am evil!
Mar. 20th, 2005 07:35 am (UTC)
Ah but you are wrong! When I opened a new window and went to LiveJournal, I found that I was still logged in!
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