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The List: January 2011

Old items:
  • Refresh contacts with agencies (Aquent, Comsys, Volt).
  • Make new contacts at MAQ Consulting and Creative Circle.
  • Update financial worksheet with past year+ of data.
  • Read self-help books that'd probably have already helped with personal issues if I'd read them already.
  • Pick up with learning Objective-C for iPhone programming.
  • Get a nice print of that graphic for that friend.
  • Make the V:CD mix and get copies sent out.
  • Put the sink pedestal back in place (need someone to help with this).
  • Get up by 9 am regularly.
  • Look into drafting bylaws for Go Play NW.
  • Clean out hallway and bedroom closets, get rid of junk.
  • Hang up artwork that's still sitting in closet and new art from Christmas.
  • Get rid of clothes I never wear (donate if okay, trash if old and ratty).
  • Get rid of old computer books and disks that are no longer needed or useful.
  • Get rid of old broken DVD player that's not worth spending money to fix.
  • Dispose of burnt-out CF bulbs.
  • Dispose of that broken laptop.
  • Get rid of old broken garbage disposal.
  • Buy more underwear.
  • Finish designing that character class for Apocalypse D&D / Dungeon World. DONE, posted a draft at least. Still needs work.
Off list items:
  • Reach out to new contact and remind him of availability to do Camtasia work. Outdated.
  • Prep the Desert of Desolation module to run with Apocalypse D&D. On hold for later.
  • Deal with business licensing. On hold for later.
  • Learn about replacing thermostat with better / programmable one. On hold until next year after condo siding project is done.
New items:
  • Attend concerts: Iron Kim Style at the Mars Bar, Thursday Jan. 6; (maybe) Interpol with School of Seven Bells at the Showbox SoDo, Friday Jan. 28. Skipped the first to hang out with friends, the second sold out. However, went to see Unwoman on Jan. 1 and Yuni in Taxco with Seapony on Jan. 7, both at the Rendezvous.
  • Prepare a short dungeon to run for Dungeon World. CHANGED to developing Dungeon World: Seattle setting.
  • Make sure there's space in storage closet for a bicycle. POSTPONED due to wintry weather.
  • Get a bicycle! POSTPONED due to wintry weather.
  • Finalize budget for Go Play NW 2011. STARTED, still in the works.
  • Spend (at least) 4 hours per weekday on work. DONE DE FACTO, due to amount of work this month, but not really followed consistently.
  • Update project list with 2010 work.
  • Revise marketing one-sheet version of resume with general focus (editing skills, desktop publishing, other).
  • Set up basic web page with information on professional services.
  • Post concert write-ups/summaries for the rest of 2010.
  • Get a check-up and teeth cleaning for Nimiel.
  • Decide upon and start new series of exercises.
Okay, some of the old items are getting bumped down to the new items section, as they are updated or revised versions of the old items: updating the project list is now for work done in 2010, not "this year's work"; the GPNW budget was drafted, but needs to be finalized; the marketing one-sheet resume technically has been created, it needs revision; and the concert summaries for 2009 are done, so the item is now to finish posting the 2010 summaries. I'm keeping "get up by 9 am regularly" on the list, and adding "spend (at least) 4 hours per weekday on work", although I'm not sure now that either of those belong on the list; they're meant to be establishing new ongoing habits, not tasks that have a definite completion, and having the first one on the list hasn't helped me make that change, but I want the reminders there. I'm moving two off-list items back on to the list, under new items even though they are technically old tasks to be done.

This is still an intimidatingly large number of items to be done. But each item is something I can do; some will take some time, some could be done quickly, none of them are beyond me. Time to get stuff done.


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