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December review

December doesn't look much better than November did. I did complete the three new items I added (well, I haven't gone yet to see Head Like a Kite tonight, but I will). I also completed a couple of the old items on the list, so that's something.

Annoyingly, I did not get to one item that I should be able to mark "STARTED": making a new contact at Creative Circle. I have the contact information, thanks to Shannon. However, I started off the month really busy with work, which carried me right through the first couple weeks until it was time to head to NH for Christmas; at that point, I figured I might as well wait until after the holidays, when everyone would be getting back to work and it'd be easier for me to be in touch with the agent. I did look at their website to see what they wanted for applying to be a candidate, and I reviewed my resume, but still, I really should have made that happen right away despite being busy with other work. That's on deck for first thing this coming week. 

There's a clump of things to be done that involve straightening up my place and getting rid of stuff. That all should be fairly easy to do within an afternoon or two at most, but it's been sitting there for months. Since I was still wearing my leg brace through the first half of the month and then was gone, I'm fine with it being put off yet again this month, but I should make the effort to get that done next month. I've got some new artwork coming to me as a Christmas present from my parents, so that will give me reason to get the rest of the artwork dealt with, too. 

I know I've got several new things I want to put down on the list, so it's time to get stuff DONE. 2010, like 2009, was a very hard year with a lot of floundering and constant teetering on the edge of financial collapse, punctuated by some very good moments, new situations, and good changes. Starting next month, I need to do all I can to make 2011 a better year all around for me.


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