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Archive concerts summary: January 2010

In January, I started making some effort again to take notes on concerts. Well, I at least made sure to jot down band names, but my notes are still pretty sketchy.

I did take good notes for two shows, because I reviewed them for the KEXP Blog. First, I started off the year right on January 6th with a great local lineup at Neumos featuring Beehive, Noddy, CMYK, and Library Science. I wrote briefly about that show here on my blog, and you can read the full review here on the KEXP Blog. Then, on January 20th, I went to the Triple Door to see Asobi Seksu with Anomie Belle opening; again, I have a brief post here on my blog, and the full review here on the KEXP Blog.

I also took decent notes on January 16th, when I was at the Vera Project to see YouTube-video ukelele sensation Julia Nunes. In fact, having just written out a long paragraph about the show, I believe I'll just post it as a separate review tomorrow, when I'm going to be busy and may not have time to write. For the impatient: Julia Nunes is very good, check her out.

I went to see Hotels twice in January. The first time was on January 9th at the Comet Tavern, playing a show with Romance and at least one other band that I might've missed but in any case didn't even get their name down. I don't have any notes from that show; I know I liked Romance the first time I saw them, so I'm sure it was a pretty good show. (Edit: Come to think of it, the other band was probably the Redwood Plan, as I know I saw them do part of a set on a bill including Hotels at the Comet Tavern, and I didn't stay for the whole set only because I got a ride home with a friend.)

Then on January 21st, I went to the High Dive to see Hotels again, this time in between Gabriel Mintz opening and Pillow Army headlining. Gabriel Mintz played with Trent Moorman on drums, and had a kind of southern art rock sound which I thought was pretty cool. I have no notes about Hotels, of course; probably too busy dancing. I'd also seen Pillow Army once before and liked them, but thought they needed some more development; now, having added a bass player and a second guitar/flute/backing vocalist, I felt they had clearly built on the promise they'd shown before and were becoming a band to watch. 

So, full Julia Nunes review to be posted tomorrow, and if I have time I'll do the February concert summary too, as I only have proper notes on one of the three shows I saw. I'll probably roll the March concert summary into that, too, as I have only one other show that month besides the Alabaster one that I already reviewed. Otherwise, February and March will probably be covered on Monday. It'd be nice to catch up on 2010 before the year ends, but I may be too busy this week and also I should be able to get some good standalone reviews, as I did get better about taking notes.

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