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travel tiredness

In stark contrast to my travel adventures of the previous two months, my flight to Boston was possibly the smoothest one ever. No fuss or waiting at security (and no backscanners in use yet, and no pat-downs), I was able to change my seat on both planes to slightly better ones, I did some light dozing on the first flight to Minneapolis and then some heavier sleeping for a couple hours to Boston, nary a sound or fuss from any of the kids within earshot or from the small dog in a carrier, and I got in to Boston on time. Really the only downside was that my knees started hurting from being kept in the slightly bent seated position for so long, and my feet apparently swelled as I had to loosen one boot near the end of the first flight and then loosen the other near the end of the second. 

My brother and I had a good brunch at The Beehive with "Sarah from Boston" of KEXP fame, and then drove up to Jeremy's house in Dover. I dozed off in the car just before we crossed into New Hampshire, and did not wait long after arriving at his house to lie down again and nap for another couple hours or so. The lack of sleep and the illness are getting to me. I roused for dinner at Rocky's Famous Burgers in Newmarket and an hour or so of Rock Band, and I've stayed up for a bit to catch up on some online stuff, but really, I've had it. It may be only 8:30 in Seattle, but it's 11:30 in New Hampshire, and I'm wiped out. Time for bed. Fortunately, tomorrow I can sleep in for a bit.

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