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five-minute filler

I called my friend Doug in Boston tonight to catch up with him and talk about plans for Christmas, since I'll be there next week. I should've made a post earlier, since I knew I'd be on the phone for a few hours and didn't think I'd have even this five minutes to make a post. But I was out doing work this afternoon, and then had a condo board meeting, and then made dinner. So I didn't really have time to write then. And now I'm just filling in a quick note of no consequence whatsoever. Which I don't like doing, as I've posted about before. But I also don't like seeing days with no posts, since I committed to posting daily as an exercise in discipline, as well as opportunities to develop my own writing. And so the result is this kind of thing. Tomorrow I should have time for something of a little more substance. I want to write some more about the cosmology thing, but haven't had time to shape my thoughts about it. And now I don't have any more time to write, I've got about a minute left to post. The end.

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