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busy weeks and downtime

I had a fairly busy week. I think I did fairly well, overall, with getting work done. I knew I had a lot to do, and I did a decent job of getting started each day, getting out of the house and going to do work. I didn't always find focus right away, and had to stay up later than I wanted a couple times in order to make sure I was getting work done, so I also was short on sleep this week. But I did put in a bunch of hours, so that's good. 

Last Saturday I went to Brandon's housewarming/Hanukah party. I also went to Gina's birthday gathering on Monday evening and trivia as usual on Tuesday evening. I haven't mentioned that in the last few months of trivia at the BalMar, I had more or less joined one of the regular teams, "Tactical Nuclear Penguin," as a regular member; once the BalMar trivia night was canceled, they moved on to Paddy Coyne's, and I started going there with them too. So now I've got a regular trivia night again, this time weekly instead of bi-weekly. That's been fun.

I also had to make sure to follow up on some accident-related insurance business, as I ended up complaining about yesterday. And I did follow through on getting a website set up for the condo association, although now that it's up I have to get some content up. 

Probably because I've been feeling so busy, I've had a do-nothing day today. I had been invited to hang out with a bunch of people this evening and watch the UFC (fighting tournament), but I just didn't feel like going: I didn't want to ask someone for a ride, I didn't want to go out in the heavy rainy weather, I didn't want to sit and watch fights half-interested, and I didn't want to be a drag. Instead, I stayed in, made a good dinner, and had a mellow evening. I feel good about spending some time by myself and not worrying about doing things or being places, but I feel bad about passing up the invitation, as it was an unusual invitation and I appreciated being asked, and I hated to disappoint the friend who'd invited me. I did make a point of calling to say I wasn't coming and to apologize for it, because it's even worse when people never respond and never show. It's weird that I feel content with my evening while at the same time still feel lame for not taking the invitation.

This coming week will be busy too. I've still got a little work to finish up on Monday, and am anticipating at least a little more coming in. I also have a bunch of other tasks I still need to tend to; I'm trying hard to make sure I devote at least a few hours every weekday to work in some form. Tomorrow I'm going to the Saccos for dinner to celebrate Tony's and Gabriel's birthdays, and the holidays in general. Monday's a condo board meeting, Tuesday is trivia again. Wednesday I have another check-up with the orthopedic doctor, so I find out how my knee's doing. Friday night Kinski are playing at the Sunset, but I'm thinking about skipping that show after all, because it's in Ballard and the buses don't run late enough for me to see the whole show and get back home easily. Then Saturday I have to pack for my Christmas trip home, stop by the reception for Tony Dowler's art show at Cortona Cafe, and then get to the airport for my overnight flight. 


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