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November review

No change.

Nothing to say except that I'm not even trying. I'm obstinately going to post a list for December because by damn these are things that need to get done—even the unimportant "do whenever" items like cleaning junk out of the closets still ought to be done at some point—but, yeah. The only old item I touched was starting to post the outdated summaries of last year's concerts. The other three items marked "STARTED", I haven't actually touched in the past few months. 

I don't want to say I don't know what to do, because last month I talked about some things I could do to help me move on these items. Really, mainly, I just have to decide to do them and do them—like posting the outdated concert reviews, I had nothing else I wanted to do that evening and still had to make an effort of will to do that instead of wasting more time poking around the web.

Okay, right after I post this, I'm responding to the salesperson about setting up the condo website, which I've been avoiding now for two months simply because once I didn't respond right away when I should have, I just became more reluctant to get back to her. That needs to be done before the next condo board meeting, since I've already let it slip past two meetings after getting the go-ahead from the board, and it's completely inexcusable and stupid. That'll be one damn thing I can mark as DONE.

I did have some good things come up this past month, including unexpectedly getting more work and having some good dates, but those aren't list items so I can't talk about them. (Well I could but I have other reasons not to.)


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