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Due to "restructuring of the company," I was terminated from work today.

Oddly, good spirits seem to be putting up a strong fight to come to the surface. I really hate searching for jobs. It frightens me, it paralyzes me. I try my hardest to avoid searching if at all possible. And I've never been fired before, so that was pretty hard to take. And yet, as I say, I'm feeling hints of determination, maybe courage, perhaps even hope, lurking around my mind.

I think that may be partly because I have nothing to fall back on and nowhere in particular to go. I have to be strong and do what I can to find something, because that's all I've got. It may also be because I love my new home, Seattle. It's felt right ever since I moved here, heck, it felt right the first time I visited, months before the possibility of having a job here ever came up. And I'll be damned if I'm going to be forced to move away because of this.

So: anyone looking for a strong writer with knowledge of Windows (including .NET Server 2003), Macintosh, and desktop publishing? Employed for the past 11 months as a technical writer and software tester for a Microsoft contractor?

And, related to this only by the fact that it's made me use this journal, I decided to change the layout design. Sure, it's just one of the Livejournal default designs, but I think "Notebook" is much nicer looking than what I was using.
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