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I completely forgot, because I hadn't taken any notes about them or put them on the calendar, that I'd seen Beehive doing two shows back in August 2009. Both of them were unusual events, at least for me.

The first was on Friday August 7; I happened to see them post a note on Facebook announcing that they were playing something called the "Dead Baby Bike Rally", at a location mysteriously described as "behind Jules Mae Saloon" down in the Georgetown neighborhood. That puzzled me a lot, but I made my way down to Georgetown, found a spot to park, and wandered over in the direction of the saloon, eventually finding a crowd of other people headed to a vacant lot that was, indeed, behind the saloon. I quickly found the trailer stage and didn't have to hang out long before they came out and played their usual rocking set. They had a semi-captive audience as the long lines for the port-a-potties stretched past the stage, but some people did actually stop and pay attention on their own accord. After they were done, I went up to talk to them and said, "Okay, I know why I'm here—to see you guys. And I know why you're here—to play a show. But I have no idea why anyone else is here. What's going on?" That's when I learned that "Dead Baby Bikes" is some kind of underground bike club that sponsors an unofficial, dubiously legal bike rally once a year, and this event was the after party for the race. The after party involved some weird art displays and amusement games, at least one other band playing—it apparently was Tad Doyle's current project Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, whom I thought sounded like a tyrannosaurus head and torso grafted onto a brontosaurus body, smashing through the jungle—and bicycle jousting. It was a pretty crazy evening. I took a bunch of photos which you can see in this set on Flickr

Beehive told me that their next show would be at Hempfest on Sunday, August 16. Now, I think there are good reasons why marijuana should be legalized, and even more good reasons why hemp-based products should be even if marijuana remains a controlled substance, but it's not a cause I'm fervent about, and I really really hate the stench of pot smoke, more than regular tobacco, so Hempfest isn't an event I'd ever considered attending. However, I figured as Beehive were playing late on the last day, there was no reason not to drop by and give them some support. i was glad that I did, as it turned out they were put inside a large tent set up for speakers, with not a lot of visibility for passers-by, and so unfortunately they didn't have much of an audience. They still put on a good set, and I had fun hanging out with them afterward and providing roadie support. Another attendee kindly took a couple photos of us (with another Beehive friend, whose name I'm forgetting); make your own guesses as to why both photos were clearly shot with an unsteady hand…

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