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I know I had an idea last night, after finishing yesterday's long post, for something else to write about today, but now I can't remember what it was.

I was reminded, after writing my concert summary for August and September 2009, that I'd forgotten about seeing Beehive playing the Dead Baby Bike Rally afterparty; and I've just remembered that I also went to see them play at Hempfest, of all things, at that time as well. But I didn't leave myself enough time to write about that, and I don't want to post yet another draft and finish it after midnight.

I also don't want to write about how troubled things are for me right now—it's the same old story, not enough work, just about broke, not doing enough to get more work. Who wants to read that? It's as tiresome to me as it must be to you, and just as exasperating that I'm largely responsible for it. Bah.

I thought about writing about how I'm hopelessly optimistic, how despite my current troubles I always seem to be able to put that aside and just expect that things will get better. Again, not enough time to gather my thoughts.

Good things today: got out of the house, got a ticket to see Black Angels next Monday, got stuff for Thanksgiving, made a decent dinner, made blueberry sherbet for tomorrow. Not good: a disappointing delay in a personal matter (but no big deal, just a matter of waiting until the new year), and learning that I'm not getting a good layout project after all because the client wants to do it in a different way. And, typing that last bit took just enough time that I had to post this as an incomplete draft, damnit.


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