Philip (philaros) wrote,

and yet more goals (and other stuff)

Finishing my army is going to be tough - aside from the fact that it remains unfinished because I haven't settled on a color scheme, I don't know how I'll keep Nimiel away if I actually do set up to do work. It's not a big deal if I get a little glue or paint on my fingers, but it is a big deal if she gets some on her fur or paws.

I figured that having Nimiel around would pretty much guarantee me material, so that I could write weekly. But now that she's fixed, she's settling into being an adorable young cat, and that's about it. It's not like there's that much to write about, and I don't have a camera so I can't post pictures. Having said that, I definitely prefer this to writing about her pacing-and-yowling behavior.

I still haven't sent a message to the new woman on Salon that I bookmarked last week - I've been very busy mostly with work, and coming home very late, so I haven't had much time or energy to compose a note. However, early this week I found another new woman that I liked enough to bookmark, only for her profile to become unavailable (hidden or deleted) a couple days later. That reinforces that if I find someone interesting enough, I should send her a message promptly. I will definitely send the first woman a message this weekend - possibly tonight after I'm done posting here, although I'm pretty tired now, but definitely this weekend.

But that is not all - I received a message this week from yet another new woman on Salon, who said that my picture "was indeed so nice and friendly that I had to say hi." (My current profile headline says "just another nice, friendly geek.") I was not so foolish as to let that wait a while, I replied to her the next day. I haven't heard back from her yet, but rather than wait a while, I will probably send her a second reply later this weekend to see if this time I can keep the conversation going, and perhaps even meet her. In any case, now that I'm starting to find women I want to contact, and am even being contacted by interesting women, I might even start to believe that I really can find someone - or be found by someone.
Tags: cat, goals, romance

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