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rambly update

I'm still trying to get through some work, so once again I need to write quickly. I've had an assortment of things to deal with in the past few days, some work, trivia night, house cleaning, a condo board meeting (hence the house cleaning), more work…

A lot of traveling on buses as well, which eats into my time. Just trying to go five miles across town to meet up with friends for work or dinner can take an hour. On my way home tonight, I stopped at the grocery store to get some orange juice, cranberry juice, and milk, and those three containers were rather heavy to have to carry home on the bus. If I'd needed much more, I'd have had to make a separate trip. I guess this is to say that even in a large city with a decent bus system, it's notably more difficult to live without a car. It takes more time and I'm limited in my ability to handle some things like getting large amounts of groceries—even ignoring that I'm currently using a crutch.

Oh yes, although my orthopedic doctor cleared me to walk around without crutches, after a couple days I found that my left leg was feeling pretty sore from the extra effort of swinging my braced right leg forward. So I decided that I should continue to use one of the crutches on my right side when I go out, and it does seem to make walking easier and to minimize the strain on the left leg. I kind of like having the crutch anyhow, as it's a more visible sign that I'm currently handicapped rather than just having the leg in a brace. Particularly when I'm on the bus and taking up two seats, one holding my stretched-out braced leg.

I'm feeling pretty tired. Although I'm making some effort to keep my hours regular, I've been getting to bed a little later than intended, and although I've also tended to stay in bed later than intended, I'm not getting quite the restful sleep I normally would be because I basically wake up any time I try to shift or roll over into a new position. When I met up with Tony this afternoon to do some work, he even remarked that I looked tired, which surprised me a bit as I wasn't feeling that tired. Well, now I am, but I still have this work that I really need to finish up, so I'm off to do that.
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