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a cosmology

Before the Beginning, Chaos. Within Chaos, Awareness. With Awareness, the Beginning.

Awareness coalesced within Chaos and recognized Itself, distinguished Itself from the surrounding Chaos, defined Itself as Awareness apart from inchoate Chaos. Thus, the Beginning.

Awareness was distinguished from Chaos but still within Chaos. Awareness parted Chaos and defined the Void, where Chaos and Awareness were not. Awareness parted Chaos, and there was Chaos within the Void, Awareness without the Void, the Void between the inchoate Chaos and the Awareness. Thus, Order.

Awareness resounded across the Void. The echoes of Awareness were also Awareness of the Void. Thus, Nihil.

Awareness resounded within the inchoate Chaos. Chaos responded to Awareness. Awareness was from Chaos and within Chaos, and so Chaos was also Awareness. 

Awareness without the Void shaped Chaos within the Void. Thus, the Demiurge.

Thus the three. Awareness without the Void that is the Demiurge, the Shaper, Order. Awareness within the Void that is Chaos, the Unformed. Awareness from the Void that is Nihil, the Emptiness Apart.

I've been playing around for a while with this cosmology and wanted to get some of it down. It's by no means a statement of my actual beliefs; really, like much of this sort of thing, it comes out of thinking about background material for fantasy role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. How do you get to the complex fundamental realities of Law versus Chaos, Good versus Evil, in the settings of D&D? Is there a precedence, do Law and Chaos originate before, after, or at once with Good and Evil? How do the two axes relate? What are the implications for the universe? 

I've been interested in mythology ever since I was a child and fell in love with the Greek myths; from there I got into high fantasy, such as Tolkien's works, and into fantasy RPGs such as D&D. This is the result. There will be more.

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