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one week later

I'm doing okay, one week after the crash. My chest hurt a lot, particularly the center to right side, from Wednesday through Friday, but started feeling better yesterday. It's still sore but not as painful to stretch, twist, or move about. I'm a little concerned that the right side hurt so much while the left side, where the seatbelt restrained me, actually hasn't hurt very much since the first day. The hospital only did x-rays of the left side of my chest and shoulder, because that's what was particularly hurting that night However, they did do CT scans of my whole chest, I believe, so I'm hoping that means it's okay. My right knee really hasn't hurt very much at all, despite the fracture in the patella. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my regular doctor as a follow-up to the emergency care, so we'll see what he thinks.

Unfortunately I don't have the orthopedic appointment scheduled yet. I tried last week, the soonest they had available was November 3 but they gave me the option to give my contact information and have them call me back if they could fit me in sooner. However, that seems to have left me without an appointment scheduled at all. So now I have to call them back tomorrow and try to get something officially scheduled.

Having to wear the leg brace until the orthopedic team sees me is the only frustrating thing so far, because it limits my mobility and makes sitting and sleeping awkward. The hospital gave me crutches to use, but also told me that I could put my full weight on the leg; the patella anchors some tendons that let the knee bend, so they're only concerned about that bending straining the bone, not about the weight. So I believe I could hobble along well enough without the crutches, at least on fairly level ground; trying to walk up and down steep hills is the only situation that may be questionable without crutches. Crutches are awkward to use, strain my upper body, and try my patience. But since they gave me the crutches to use, I feel like I should be using them. Hopefully I won't have to much longer.

Insurance matters are slowly moving forward. The appraiser has inspected my car and given an estimate, I have paperwork to fill out for the personal injury claim, I've received the basic information on the other drivers involved in the accident but still have to wait until some time next week for the actual police report. My car's remaining here for a bit longer until I establish whether some other insurance company needs to look at it too; hopefully that will be dealt with by the end of the week. I'd actually like the whole matter over and done with soon, but I have a feeling I'll be dealing with various things for a while.

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