Philip (philaros) wrote,

photo Friday: Phantogram at Neumos


I was a little surprised by how packed Neumos was for this show. I had been standing front and center, just a few people back from the stage, for the previous band (Josiah Wolf), but the crowd got so packed up front before Phantogram came on that I decided to look for somewhere with a little more space. I discovered that there was some breathing room in the back, but ended up standing on the side of the stage, which has a pretty good view and also allows me to get some decent photos, as I'm not trying to shoot directly into most of the lights. It'd be nice if I could zoom in for some closer shots, but once again I'm surprised to get fairly decent shots just with the standard original iPhone camera.


It was a really good set by Phantogram, too, although I think perhaps I enjoyed their set at Sasquatch more (and I mean for the music, not for the view… though I'm still really pleased with that photo).

Tags: concerts, neumos, phantogram, photos

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