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crazy busy, and fifth condoversary

Sometimes everything comes at once, and still takes its time doing so. As I mentioned, by the start of this week I had signed up to do a shift each day this week for the KEXP membership drive; the first four days were midday shifts, meaning I had to get up by 8:15 in order to get to the station by 10, meaning I suddenly was getting up a lot earlier than I had been just the previous week. Today I found out someone cancelled their midday shift for tomorrow, so I offered to fill in for that as well as my scheduled afternoon data entry shift, so I still have to get up at 8:15 tomorrow. Yesterday I got an email about doing some work over this weekend; today I got another one from a different client, following up on work that I had thought was going to arrive earlier this week, and that too needs to be done this weekend. Yesterday I was also asked to cover the Guided By Voices concert at the Showbox on Saturday night for the KEXP Blog. I'm also still trying to finish up my Decibel Festival write-ups; the first three were all posted today, which was a bit unexpected as I thought they would be spaced out, a day apiece, so now I feel even more pressure to finish the last two. I'll have one in tonight before I go to bed, but with so much going on tomorrow, I'm not sure when I'll be able to get the last one done. There's some social stuff tucked in there too, I'll see whether that goes.

Needless to say all of that pushes this month's list aside, except for the couple of KEXP-related items I already have on the list. I'll have to see what I can do with the list next week. 

In unrelated matters, today is the fifth anniversary of closing on my condo purchase. I'm still happy here and hope to continue here, despite the financial difficulties I've had and the current structural problems the buildings have. At least one nice thing has happened in that regard, my mortgage rate is adjusting downward in my favor, meaning I will have guaranteed lower payments at least for the next year. Also, after spending the past few months in a panic thinking that my home equity loan was about to come due in full, I looked into it and discovered that as a line of credit, it actually has a ten-year period before repayment begins, so I still have some time to work out a refinancing to roll everything back into a single mortgage at a favorable rate. I'm hoping that the actual recent increase in work demands means that really will be possible in the near future.

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