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musings on "It Gets Better"

I read The Stranger's weblog Slog every day, so I've been following along with the It Gets Better Project, though I've only watched a few of the videos posted to the blog. Dan Savage was spurred to create the project after several recent incidents of teenagers committing suicide in response to severe bullying over actual or alleged homosexuality. The project is intended to reach out to teens everywhere and help to give them hope by having adults talk about their own experiences of withstanding bullying and prejudice and discovering the freedom and happiness that adulthood can bring. 

I've been thinking about making a video for the project. I'm not remotely gay, but I do have some experience with being the bullied kid due to my speech handicap and different appearance as a cleft-palate child. I'd like to talk about perspective, and how as a teenager most people simply lack enough experience to have a decent perspective on what matters, what's tolerable, and how long or short the difficult years of high school will last. At the same time, I'd have to acknowledge that what I went through is minor compared to the institutional hatred and persecution many of these kids face, and of course that being able to recognize the long perspective doesn't necessarily make the short-term trouble any easier to handle. I'm not sure if I can produce something that would be helpful. I'm not even sure why this has struck me so strongly that I'm seriously considering it. But yes, I'd like to help remind the kids, it does get better, please hang in there.

(This might've been a longer post but I was short on time, and still have some other stuff to take care of for Decibel Festival before getting to bed. Maybe I'll be able to write more later.)


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