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writing difficulties

Part of the reason that I'm a professional editor, and not a professional writer, is that I actually find writing to be a difficult and lengthy process. Sometimes it comes to me fairly effortlessly. I can certainly be inspired, sit down, and pound out a thousand words or two in a couple hours. I've done so in this very journal before; I'd say that in the 40 Topics / 40 Days / 40 Years series, more often than not the difficulty was keeping the post down to a reasonable length, rather than struggling to find something to say. Often, however, I need to spend a lot of time thinking—which yes may well look like procrastinating—and even in the midst of writing I'll pause a lot, revise as I'm going, or maybe just sit and stare, asking myself what the hell I'm going to write. That doesn't work so well when I'm paid by the hour, and even if I were working for a flat fee or salary instead of hourly, I would still have to get the writing done in a "reasonable" amount of time.

Although I've been writing about rock concerts for years now, I often find myself at a loss for what to say other than "I liked it" or "I didn't like it". That seems pretty inexcusable for someone who's trained as a musician and has so many years of attending shows and seeing a variety of artists of different caliber. That's part of the reason I stopped regularly writing concert reviews over a year ago, I just needed some time away from that—and I was out of things to say about Hotels, whom I was seeing all the time. 

So, despite taking sometimes very wordy notes during Decibel Festival, I'm still not done my write-ups for the weekend. I do have write-ups for Wednesday and Thursday done and in the system now, so hopefully the first one will go up tomorrow or Wednesday—it depends in part on getting photos and on what else is scheduled for the blog this week, given that it's a membership drive. I'm also trying to finish Friday's write-up tonight, and it's proving tough because I didn't have much to say about the sets I saw and I have to say something more than just "I went to this venue and saw this artist". I'm doing my best. I'm hoping Saturday and Sunday won't be as difficult, as I did take more notes for those days and found more interesting things to talk about. I'm expecting some paid editing work to drop on me any day now, and it has been over a week since Decibel Festival ended, so I'm trying to get this done as quickly as possible. Hopefully people will enjoy the results.

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