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busy weeks ahead

I had some work to do the past couple days, as well as other tasks to take care of. I intended to spend much of this afternoon and evening working on my Decibel Festival write-ups, but unexpectedly had some more work-related things to deal with, so now I'm behind on that and consequently just making a quick filler post here. The good thing about the write-ups is that I took a fair amount of notes during the festival, so I've got a lot to work with already. Although some parts look like I'm not going to say enough, overall I think my posts are going to err on the side of being too long. 

I've got a lot to do this week, too. I know I've got some more paid work coming in. I'm also now signed up for a volunteer shift every day this week for KEXP's Fall Membership Drive. I started out with three, two midday tally shifts on Tuesday and Thursday and my "traditional" afternoon data entry shift on the final Friday; then last week they emailed that there were still tally shifts needing to be filled, so I took another midday one on Monday, and earlier this evening I checked and there was still another midday tally shift open on Wednesday so I took that too. I've never volunteered for the same shift four days in a row, or for five days straight total, so that should be interesting. At the least, it'll help me adjust to getting up at 8 in the morning, which I need to do anyhow as after the drive is over I'll be working there from 10 to 6 for a week, auditing the data entry. I just spent over a week staying up until 5 or 6 in the morning, due to Decibel Festival and my trip down to Portland, and now I'm transitioning over just the past few days to getting up at 8 in the morning for two weeks. I picked up some kind of a minor cold by the end of the festival, and my nose is still congested; hopefully that isn't going to drag on as a result of the sudden shift in my schedule.

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