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Because Friday was the first, I had to post the list for the month rather than doing a photo Friday. (Yes, I could've done two posts, but I didn't leave time for that.) So today, because I still have work to do, I'll make this a quick post by doing a substitute for photo Friday, and post some more photos from Tuesday night's show.

Aerodrone Aerodrone

I took a bunch of photos of Aerodrone thinking that I wasn't getting any good ones of keyboardist TZA, who was bouncing and jumping around a lot, and then it turned out the best photo I had of the band was the second one above, in which TZA looks fairly sharp but vocalist GZ is all blurry.

Freezepop Freezepop Freezepop

Despite being right at the front for Freezepop, and despite the fact that she didn't move around nearly as much as Liz Enthusiasm, I basically failed to get a single decent photo of new member "Christmas Disco-Marie" Sagan, seen on the right in the last photo (with other new member Robert John "Bananas" Foster). Her part of the stage was just too poorly list for my iPhone, and I never moved to that side where I might've got a better photo from a different angle. I didn't do much better with Liz Enthusiasm, but that was because she just moved around too much.

Freezepop's New Wave album cover

The bright white light being projected onto the screen made it difficult for me to adjust the original version of this photo to improve its quality, so instead I cropped it square and changed some settings to give it this stylized, New-Wave-album-cover look.

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