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catching up

That was a crazy busy week. I went to Decibel Festival for five nights. Afterhours shows from Thursday through Sunday kept me up until 5 or 6 in the morning, then I'd sleep until noon or 1. Besides already knowing someone because she mistook me for Brian when she saw me out dancing back in May, I met five more people who all mistook me for Brian, met two more people who were probably mistaking me for Brian but couldn't remember the other guy's name, met Brian himself, learned another friend has always thought I looked a lot like Brian but never told me, and met two more people who said I looked a lot like Steven Severin, the owner of Neumos (though they didn't actually mistake me for him). I also met several other people under normal circumstances, not for being mistaken for someone else. I took lots of notes at the shows, and lots of photos that will end up being tossed out as too dark or blurry. I dressed up a bit, wearing nice button-down shirts and nice shoes every night. I discovered that three of my nice shirts, which I've owned for over a decade by now, are way too baggy on me, undoubtedly have always been too baggy, and never should've been bought. I was reminded that I like being dressed nicely on occasion, and that I have too many printed tees, not enough plain ones, and I still don't have enough in colors I like. I danced a lot. [Edit: forgot something!] I got a high-five from Mary Anne Hobbs.

Monday I had to run for some groceries and clean the catbox and the bathroom and do laundry and make a decent meal before running out to see School of Seven Bells. I went to bed at 3 am instead of 5 but it didn't matter because I was awake until after that time anyhow. I also developed a sore throat and some congestion, though whether due to picking up a cold or just in reaction to five days of being around so much smoking is unclear. Yesterday I drove down to Portland, saw an awesome show with Freezepop and discovered the awesomeness of Ming & Ping, and drove back, not getting to bed until 6 am again. I did not get doughnuts at Voodoo Doughnuts, though I considered it. Today I've started my write-up of Decibel Festival for the KEXP Blog, and I had a tally training session at KEXP for the membership drive that starts Friday. I'm now feeling very tired and ready for bed, which is good because I need to get back to at least my usual hours, and bad because I still have a lot of stuff to do.

I feel like the past week has been a vacation, even though for most of it I was technically working for KEXP. Definitely a crazy exciting vacation rather than a calm relaxing one, though.

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