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photo Friday: haircut and smiles

normal expression 1

I had my hair cut last week, and the stylist decided to try something a little different, layering it so the front parts to the left. She also asked if she could put some "product" (gel) in it to help it hold its shape, at least for that day. I don't like having stuff in my hair and don't want to go to that extra trouble every day, so I don't use any and normally I say I don't want any, but this time I let her since she asked, so this is a rare photo of me with my hair properly styled.

I wanted to document the new style, so I took that photo when I got home. That's my normal, neutral expression. Family and friends have commented before about my perceived lack of a smile; it tends to be rather understated I guess, more of a quirky small grin than anything. So I thought it would be funny to take a few more photos showing my normal smile and trying for the broader toothy smile that people apparently think I should be doing. I took the last of the next four photos while laughing at the silliness of doing this, so it's a genuine toothy smile, whereas the previous one is a bit forced.

normal smile little toothy forced toothy sincere laughing smile

normal expression 2



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