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mom's visit

I don't have anything in mind to write tonight. Today was a long day of driving: my mom and I drove up to the Mount Baker Scenic Byway, in an attempt to see Mount Baker. It turns out that the Mount Baker Scenic Byway does not in fact go up Mount Baker itself—apparently Mount Baker is more of a wilderness than Mount Rainier—and the weather did not cooperate, as the whole mountain was hidden by clouds the entire day, and even Artist's Point at the end of the Scenic Byway was enshrouded in clouds too. It was still a pretty good drive and it was part of the state I hadn't visited yet, but it was very tiring and not properly rewarding.

Tomorrow we're planning to tour the Theo Chocolate factory over in Fremont, and also tour KEXP. We plan to do some other walking around too, anything but sitting in a car for hours. Saturday is dinner with friends, not sure yet about Sunday before Mom leaves.

Meanwhile I've got some more work coming in, and another potential new source of work, which is good. No real progress on this month's list, since I've been busy with Mom's visit; I'm enjoying her visit but am looking forward to having some time next week to get things done, before I lose yet another week to Decibel Festival at the end of the month.

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