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Bumbershoot 2010: Monday

Tired! Less than 20 minutes to post about today!

Bomba Estéreo rocked the Fisher Green Stage while I was working in the KEXP booth. They were a hotly anticipated band for the KEXP "secret shows", and judging from their hot blend of electro-style beats and Latin dance music, they must have killed it there too.

Laura Veirs played the Northwest Court Stage with a band, the Hall of Flames. I've wanted to see her for quite a while, after falling for the song "Don't Lose Yourself", and so naturally she didn't play that one. However, she did play "July Flame" and a few others I recognized, and it was a very nice set worth hearing.

The English Beat left me with mixed feelings: on the one hand, I wanted to hear them because of their old hits from the '80s, and they delivered on that front; on the other hand, that gave the show a "greatest hits" feeling that I didn't like as much. I wanted to feel like they're still a living band, and in fact they will be releasing an album of new material in the next several months, but the songs I didn't recognize tended to be slower numbers that didn't grab me. Still, it was great to hear their songs live, including General Public's "Tenderness", and I was glad I stayed to the end despite the light drizzle.

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