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August review

Really, I shouldn't even be trying to assess the past month right now. I'm tired because I spent over 12 hours yesterday on an editing project, staying up past 5 this morning in order to get it done. I'm also supposed to be working on another project right now, and I'm feeling daunted by the required tasks and worried I won't be able to get it done properly in time. So those factors no doubt are coloring my view of this month.

That said, most of this month I haven't felt too positive about my progress on the list for August. Let's see, I carried over 20 items from the list for July, and added 16 items for August. I completed only four items in the July section, and marked another five as "started"; I completed three August items and only started one other one.* That's pretty terrible. It's hard to judge too which is worse: the many tasks that should be easy to complete but aren't done, or the few tasks that are very important and aren't even started, or maybe have been started but should've been completed long since. 

*EDIT: I have since decided to mark two "started" items as "done"—posting daily, since I did follow through on that (although I missed two days); and learning about fixing or replacing the loose outlets, since I did ask some people about that and got the answer I needed, which is that I'll just have to replace them.

I really don't know about the list-making. It doesn't seem to be helping me act in a more accountable or responsible fashion, in fact it's threatening to contribute to my bad behavior of avoiding doing anything because I don't want to do some of the hard tasks and I hate to do some of the easier and more fun ones when I have more important things to do. On the other hand, if I stop making a list, that doesn't mean all those tasks just evaporate.

Notably, one of the un-started tasks is about reading self-help books, one of which is Get Everything Done and Still Have Time to Play. I got the book back in February at the urging of my sister, and haven't even opened it yet. Clearly the book is worthless: if I could get myself to read it, then I wouldn't need it in the first place! My sister sent me a sign recently that simply states "Nothing works until you do," but then isn't that the problem in a proverb.

Well, the proverb certainly does apply right now: I have to get back to figuring out how to improve this PowerPoint deck. 


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