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Things this month are going very slowly, so far, at least as far as the list goes. August is already one-third over, just a few days from half, and I've barely touched anything on the list at all. I don't know why I've fallen into such a slump. Getting up at 9 am regularly feels like a pretty key goal on the list, because I know for a fact that getting up later pushes me toward slacking off the rest of the day. The annoying thing with that is that I have been waking up early enough for that, without the help of my alarm, but then I still feel tired enough that I climb back in bed.

Today I planned to do the Windows upgrades on my laptop, and did back up my files first. But then I was reading about system requirements, and it seems Apple's official stance is that Windows 7 isn't supported on my model MacBook Pro. So I'm still checking with a couple people to see whether it works anyhow. It's not a big deal if I can't install Windows 7; I don't actually need it for anything, Windows Vista has never really given me any trouble, and it's possible that Windows 7 would run slower than Windows Vista on my machine anyhow. I just figure that I should be running the latest OS if I can, since my work revolves around Microsoft software. What's more important is installing Office 2010, which should work without trouble whether I've got Windows Vista or Windows 7 installed, but I can't install that until I resolve the question of whether I'm upgrading to Windows 7.

I might've got some other things done today instead, but I happened to discover one of my high school friends was in town on business, and so I went out to dinner with him. That was a very good visit and I have no regrets for spending some time that way. I just need to get back on the ball with all my other things to do! Tomorrow the building's water is going to be shut off for a couple hours some time between 9 and 3; I doubt that'll happen promptly at 9, but it gives me more reason to make sure I get up and get my shower done. Friday I'm meeting Tony and John for lunch around noon, so again I need to get up, and Saturday I need to be at the KEXP BBQ at least at 1:30, maybe all this will help me reset my schedule. At least until the next after-hours dance club night. (Sweatbox hasn't yet announced an event for August, though, so maybe there won't be one this month, although the club where these are held does have other after-hours events.)


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