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happy birthday, Nimiel

When I first got Nimiel at the end of 2004, the vet estimated her age as 17 months. That would put her birthday sometime around late July or early August, so I've decided that August 1 is Nimiel's Birthday (Observed).

Nimiel portrait 1

When I'm sitting at my desk using my computer, she often likes to sit directly in front of me, blocking my view, and nip at or gnaw on my right hand. So she was reluctant to have her photo taken. Even when I'm not trying to take her photo, I have to keep putting my left hand directly under her jaw to prevent her from biting me, until she squirms around enough to bite that hand, which is when I cover her eyes instead. Eventually I get tired of her being a pest and toss her on the floor. This is, for her, a mandatory part of our morning ritual, and I just feel compelled to say in my defense that I never encouraged her to behave in such fashion; she just won't ever give up.

Nimiel portrait 2

Despite all that, she is still a lovely cat and I'm very happy to have her. Happy seventh birthday, Nimiel. May you have many more.

Nimiel portrait 3


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