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ill (slightly)

I came down with a cold last night. Scratchy sore throat, stuffy nose, feeling a little blah and irritated. I don't believe irritableness is an official symptom of the cold, but I know it's one I always have. Reading up on the common cold again, I see that symptoms can start in as little as 10 hours from infection, but usually start two to five days after. I figure I probably picked this up either at the KEXP Volunteer Appreciation Party on Thursday evening, or while out at an all-night house party on Friday night.

Here's the weird thing to me: I almost always feel the symptoms of a cold coming on during the evening. I think maybe last time I had a cold back in April, I felt it starting during the afternoon, or maybe the time before that, but at least since becoming an adult I've always felt colds starting during the evening. I have no idea why that should be the case. So I'll be going about my business and gradually become aware that my throat is starting to feel scratchy, and realize that my nose is getting stuffy and I've had to blow it several times, and then I know I'm coming down with a cold. 

As in April when I last was sick, I decided to skip my push-ups this morning. I was reluctant to do so, but I decided I was congested enough that it wasn't going to be a good idea. I'll probably end up skipping the next couple days as well, but hopefully I won't feel that I have to skip a whole 8 days in a row like I did last time.

I also decided to stay in bed an extra couple hours, even though I woke up just before my alarm at 9 and felt wide awake, so that's not a great way to start off this month's list of goals. But being sick is exceptional, so I'm not going to worry about it. Then we had a Go Play NW meeting this afternoon, and when I got back I dozed on the couch for three hours, so nothing much else productive happened today (though that meeting was important, we've been trying to schedule it for three weeks). Again, I'd have liked to get something else done, but I'm not going to berate myself over it.


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