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The List: August 2010

July holdovers:
  • Install upgrades to Windows 7 and Office 2010. DONE
  • Update project list for the past six months. STARTED
  • Create marketing one-sheet version of resume with general focus (editing skills, desktop publishing, other). STARTED
  • Reach out to new contact and remind him of availability to do Camtasia work.
  • Refresh contacts with agencies (Aquent, Comsys, Volt). STARTED
  • Make new contacts at MAQ Consulting and Creative Circle.
  • Update financial worksheet with past year+ of data.
  • Organize gaming shelves. DONE, although could use some folders to hold miscellaneous papers
  • Read self-help books that'd probably have already helped with personal issues if I'd read them already.
  • Pick up with learning Objective-C for iPhone programming.
  • Ship old broken smoke detector back to manufacturer for proper disposal.
  • Continue posting in LiveJournal daily. DONE (but missed two days)
  • Compile and post list of shows I've attended in the past year and not blogged about. DONE
  • Get rid of old broken DVD player that's not worth spending money to fix.
  • Deal with condo website proposal. STARTED
  • Prep the Desert of Desolation module to run with Apocalypse D&D.
  • Get a nice print of that graphic for that friend.
  • Talk someone else into attending trivia at BalMar.
  • Make the V:CD mix and get copies sent out.
  • Play more Torchlight. DONE, and need to watch how much/how long I play.
New for August:
  • KEXP volunteering: Concerts at the Mural each Friday, KEXP BBQ Saturday the 14th. DONE
  • Deal with business licensing.
  • Look into refinancing options.
  • Put the sink pedestal back in place (need someone to help with this).
  • Get up by 9 am regularly.
  • Get out of the house more: it's summer! It's nice out!
  • Attend concerts: The Quit / Animals at Night Aug 6—SKIPPED, got home late enough from Mural concert that I decided it wasn't worthwhile as I'd already have missed most of the show—and Beehive Aug 19. DONE
  • Post review of Alabaster (from back in March) before their show Aug 20. DONE
  • Look into drafting bylaws for Go Play NW.
  • Learn about fixing/replacing loose outlets. DONE
  • Learn about replacing thermostat with better / programmable one.
  • Get a check-up and teeth cleaning for Nimiel.
  • Clean out hallway and bedroom closets, get rid of junk.
  • Get rid of clothes I never wear (donate if okay, trash if old and ratty).
  • Hang up artwork that's still sitting in closet.
  • Get rid of old computer books and disks that are no longer needed or useful.
I'm not sure about splitting the list to indicate which items are old business and which are new—on the one hand I want a certain accountability, reminding myself what I didn't get done, and on the other hand I don't want that to become a block, making me feel like I have to get those items done first and therefore not getting anything at all done if I fall into the trap of avoiding the earlier items.

I feel like I'm forgetting some stuff for the August list that I'd thought of during the past month. But I'm also putting in some things with no real urgency, such as the closet cleaning and the thermostat replacement, knowing that I may just carry those over to next month. (The thermostat for example I don't really need to deal with for another couple months, since I shouldn't need to worry about the heat until October or so.)


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