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July review

July went okay. Looking over the list, I feel like the things that are done are mostly simple and obvious tasks. Most of the tasks that are obviously important, such as talking to agencies about getting more work or updating my financial worksheet so I have a better idea where I'm at, remain undone. Some simple ones that have been lingering forever, such as the condo website proposal or shipping off the broken smoke detector for proper disposal, also remain undone. Even an obvious fun one, playing more Torchlight, didn't happen—I was going to do so one evening, but due to an earlier update download that was interrupted, I ended up having to spend that time re-downloading and installing the full game. I feel that this past week I did a particularly poor job of getting up in the morning and then getting stuff done; most of my days felt wasted. 

On the positive side, a few things that I forgot to put on the list or that came up after I made the list did get done, such as paying the city admission tax for this year's Go Play NW, and making a mix CD for the KEXP Volunteer Appreciation Party. I didn't quite manage to post every day, missing a couple, and there are several weak "no time to write, not getting things done" posts, but I got some good writing in there too, on a variety of topics. I like how the unplanned album review and English lecture posts turned out; I don't know about making the English lectures a regular feature, but I'm thinking maybe I should find some other album outside my usual interests or experience to review. Also, it turns out that posting every day really does make a difference in readership, as the numbers of visitors picked up steadily over the course of the month, and although I had fewer page views than last December (during 40 T/D/Y), I had notably more visitors. (Really what's more remarkable is that my page views and visitors, while low, remained fairly constant from February through June, even though I didn't post at all between the first of March and the start of June.) 

One other good thing I want to note, that also wasn't on the list: a local business found some of the articles that Tony and I have worked on for Microsoft and got in touch with him, seeking editorial services, and he passed them along to me. So barring unexpected complications (of which there may be one), I should have a new source of projects for my freelance work, which is very much needed.


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