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so this is the new year...

Well, it's 2005, I've just turned 35, and it's probably a good point to emulate Janus, the god of doorways, and look back at the old year and forward to the new (hence January) - rather than waiting until mid-February like I did last year.

Things I wanted to do in 2004 included:
  • Taking care of my teeth, specifically get rid of my retainer and have permanent false teeth implanted.
  • Looking into buying a condo.
  • Buying a laptop, if possible.
  • And as always, finding a girlfriend.

Things I actually did in 2004:
  • Started a year's worth of orthodontic treatment with braces, in preparation for having the actual teeth replacement work done.
  • Gave up on the condo and laptop ideas for this year, due to the expense of braces and unexpected high income tax payments.
  • Developed a serious crush on a good friend who did not return the feelings.
  • Amused everyone with musings on "pants" and bought non-white-colored underwear.
  • Started training in aikido with my friend John. I'd been meaning to get back into martial arts training ever since I moved, so this is an old goal that's been accomplished.
  • Started playing the violin again, jamming with my friend Tony Sacco.
  • Got a cat on December 24. Surprise!

For 2005, I will of course be finishing the braces, and hopefully I'll also be able to get the rest of the work (bone graft, implants) done by the end of the year. But that is all really the completion of a long-standing goal, so it doesn't really count as a goal for the new year - the braces are already happening, and the rest of the work simply depends on when it can be scheduled. Paying off the braces would be a goal, but that's already under way as well and barring some major misfortune I should be able to have that paid off by July.

Of course, the continuing expense of braces means a new laptop is most likely out of the question again. It might also seem that a new condo is also out for the year, but I really do need to do the work to learn about buying a place, and depending on how things work it's possible I could buy one anyhow. Right now though I don't see myself having anything available for a down payment, so it seems unlikely to me that I'd actually buy anything this year.

Then there's the ever-present quest for a girlfriend, that I really didn't do enough about this past year, except to develop an inappropriate crush. So this year I really must try contacting some people through the social network/dating services I belong to, and I did bookmark a few people on Friendster that sound interesting. BUT, there is also news! A woman contacted me through my profile on Salon Personals ( = Spring Street Networks, includes Nerve, The Onion, many newspapers, etc.), saying "hello to a fellow technical editor." She sounds pretty interesting, and we've started exchanging messages. Perhaps (hopefully) something good will come of this...



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Jan. 2nd, 2005 02:27 am (UTC)
I want cat pictures!! How'd your cat-getting come about?

You need to update more in the new year!

Jan. 2nd, 2005 06:04 am (UTC)
I want cat pictures too! However, I would have to have a digital camera for that. Or a regular camera and access to a scanner. I have no such thing. I will have to see what I can do.

I'll post the story about the cat soon. I want to give people a chance to comment on this post, I fear that if I post twice in one day no one else will comment here. :-) I will try to update more in the new year, too. I had a couple rants I thought about posting all through December, but I was either busy or tired and never had the time.
Mar. 21st, 2005 06:39 am (UTC)
it's probably a good point to emulate Janus, the god of doorways, and look back at the old year and forward to the new (hence January)

Note to self: Self, sometimes you are really a huge dork. Next year when you write your new year's post, don't write this crap.
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