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You Push, I'll Go

It's really hard to write these without doing any revising as I go! I just spent 15 minutes writing about the minor events of the past several days, and got bored and decided it wasn't worth posting. That leaves me 15 minutes to write something else, and really there's only so many times I can write about how it's the last minute and I have to get something posted—where by "so many times" I mean "I've already passed that limit". 

A minor incident over the weekend, that was pretty much all my own doing, left me feeling hurt; it didn't take too long to get over the strong feelings of hurtfulness, but it's still nagging at me. Also, while talking with my friends Tony and Pam on Sunday, I had to acknowledge yet again that the fifth anniversary of my condo purchase is looming, at which time my mortgage situation may get very very ugly, but I have no confidence that I can get any refinancing without a steady source of income to show—I doubt my irregular contracting income is going to cut it, particularly given how poor it's been overall in the past couple years and the other financial troubles I have as a result. 

On the flip side, I had an unexpected last-minute call for work yesterday and today, which by itself is good but also may end up paying better than normal. I also just learned on Friday of a new potential source of projects, and I know there's going to be some increase from my usual source coming up soon. And to counter that bit of hurtfulness, my friend and former neighbor Marie made a surprise visit to Seattle last week and I got to have dinner with her on Thursday, which was great (and we went to Quinn's, which neither of us had been to before, and that place is pretty amazing); plus there was dinner at Tony and Pam's on Sunday, and Dawn's birthday party last night was lots of fun and I met some cool new people there. 

A little bit ago, DJ Larry Rose on KEXP played the song "You Push, I'll Go"* by Baby Dayliner, which was possibly my favorite single from last year. It's just amazingly catchy. The lyrics conclude "if this is life it ain't so bad," and that's how I feel tonight.

*The link goes to the Song of the Day post on the KEXP Blog from last year, when this was the Song of the Day, and you can still listen to the MP3 there for free.

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