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The Room Beneath Your Office

Fed up with the workday week?

Tired of the trials of the daily grind?

Need to get away for a while from the pressures of modern life?

Why not visit The Room Beneath Your Office?

The Room Beneath Your Office: the perfect hideaway for your holiday! It's close! It's convenient! It's cozy! Best of all, it's got all the comforts of home! The Room Beneath Your Office is stocked with all the tools you need to satiate all your needs.

Relax! It's easy to take your ease in the hidden, highly secure, and soundproofed sanctuary of The Room Beneath Your Office. The cares and caretakers of the world won't find you there, indulging your hobbies to your heart's content.

Craving company? There's plenty of room in The Room Beneath Your Office to pursue your passions with the object of your choice. When you're done, cleanup and disposal are quick and complete. With nothing left to find, no one will be the wiser!

And when it's time to return to the others' world, wearing a stiff smile on your sociable face, you can keep calm knowing your secrets are safe in The Room Beneath Your Office. With a studied air of polite concern, you're ready to face them all again for a while, until your next holiday.

The Room Beneath Your Office: Home for the holidays has never been better! Enjoy yourself today!

Fiction for this month's Sk8J writing challenge: "It's July! It's time for vacations, right? Except, of course, picking a destination can be hard. We're here to help. Sell your destination to the rest of us. Why is it great? Or not so great? Or now a smoking crater?"


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