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progress: little

Hey, it's another late-night post just before midnight, with little content! Humph. As the subject line indicates, I'm not making much progress on The List for July. Still getting up later in the morning than I should, and not getting around to doing anything of significance during the day. And then most evenings I've had something going on, so not even getting stuff done in the evening. I did have some work to do this week, so there's that, but I need to step on up! At least a few more things will be accomplished this week just because there are built-in deadlines, such as making pizza dough/crusts for Dawn's birthday party (which is next Monday evening) or going out dancing this Friday night, but I'm still avoiding some of the more important things, like updating my resume. Blah! The problem with self-imposed deadlines for that sort of thing too is that there's no immediate and obvious consequences if I do miss the deadline, so I can't just say "I have to get that done by this Friday" and be sure it will happen—that's a skill or habit to develop.

I'm supposed to meet up with Tony Friday afternoon to work together, so presuming I don't have any freelance work on hand to do, I can certainly focus then on some of the list stuff like my resume and contacting agencies (although Monday's probably better for the agency stuff). And then there's stupid things like getting the smoke detector battery that I keep forgetting to do, even though it's a simple detail of the kind that I'm usually good about remembering. Grr.

Anyhow that's it, time to post before midnight...



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Jul. 15th, 2010 07:54 am (UTC)
When you procrastinate, what would you rather be doing? Do that instead of doing nothing.
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