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Saba at Chop Suey

It's always nice to discover a new band by serendipity. Tony Sacco's band Library Science had a gig tonight at Chop Suey*, a club just a couple blocks down the street from my apartment. Now, the aikido training I'm doing with John is on Monday and Wednesday nights, so I wouldn't have been able to make it to the show, but John had to work late because of deadlines and canceled the class. I actually ended up working late too but still got home with enough time to make and eat dinner and get to Chop Suey before Library Science went on.

Library Science did a good set, then I helped Tony stow his gear in the car (I'm practically his unofficial roadie now), and then we went back in for the next band. I was glad Tony said he wanted to hear them, because I always like to hear new bands but I didn't much feel like staying by myself if he were leaving right away. The band's name, Saba, didn't mean anything to me or Tony, we didn't know anything about them - well, Tony might've known something about them from setting up earlier. Anyhow, Saba had a female singer with some kind of sequencer/mixer/electronic box, a female backup singer, a guy on keyboards, some guitar, and some vocals (more rapping than singing), a guy on bass, and a guy on laptop. The sound was very funky and dancy, it was really enjoyable.

They played a bunch of songs, and then much to my amazement, I recognized the beginning of one. Now that I've bought the CD, I can tell you it's called "Motel 6", and it's received a fair amount of airplay on KEXP, which is how I knew it. I liked that song but had never actually written down the band name, so it was quite a pleasant surprise. I had already been thinking about buying the CD but that sealed it for me. So I'm quite glad I went to the show and had the chance to discover a cool new band.

Saba don't seem to have their own Website yet, but you can find a tiny bit of information and a link to buy the CD on the site of their label, Blatant Records.

(*Aside: I believe Chop Suey only opened up a few years ago, shortly before I moved here, so I'm surprised they managed to get "www.chopsuey.com" as their URL, you'd think someone would've already grabbed that.)


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Nov. 23rd, 2004 09:59 am (UTC)
KEPX is Great!
I tuned into KEXP over the Internet to see what they sounded like and the music was great!

Nov. 23rd, 2004 10:16 am (UTC)
Re: KEPX is Great!
Hey, Marcel found my journal! Whooo! :-)

Yeah, KEXP really is great, though sometimes I do still miss WZBC.
Nov. 23rd, 2004 02:55 pm (UTC)
Re: KEXP is Great!
Well I spent the weekend without my iPod. You see, I work in Portsmouth, so I listen to it in the car *a lot*. The battery died Friday morning. When I got home Friday night, I went to charge it, but I couldn't find it *anywhere*. I was really freaked. I prayed that when I got back to work on Monday that it would be sitting on my desk, but it wasn't.

So I got to listen to a lot more local radio than in a long time. And I ended up spending more time with the radio off than on (and when it was on, it was mostly on NPR). FNX is the best station that we get out here, but "best" means you hear a couple of good songs per hour (say, Modest Mouse or Franz Ferdinand). WBCN plays Stern in the morning and football / Def Lepard in the evening (they've really lost their minds over there).

Anyway, some anonymous good soul found my iPod and turned it in to the building's office this morning (where I had notified them, of course). And then I found KEXP thanks to you and I've been listening for most of the day, mostly in awe. So many good bands I've never heard of! Plus, I love listening to foreign radio (Especially out West - I love the west coast).

I went to Denver a couple of months ago, and the Radio scene there was very bad compared to when I lived there. There was one ok station, KBCO, out of Boulder. Nowhere near as alternative as KEXP tho.

I was in Orlando last year, that market was as bad as Vegas' (TERRIBLE). Consider yourself lucky!


(And yeah, I've been lurking, reading your journal for a while now...)

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