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late to bed and late to rise

Well, I did not move my writing to the morning. In fact I went to bed late, around 3 am, took over an hour I think to fall asleep, and then stayed in bed past 11. Of course I'd set my bedside alarm clock for 9:30—and woke up before it, as is my wont—and the kitchen timer for 10, so I had maybe five hours of unbroken sleep, which is partly why I didn't resist climbing back in bed after getting up to shut off the kitchen timer, and maybe also why I felt very tired around 7 pm, after going to get groceries for dinner, and spent an hour or so dozing on the couch before making dinner.

None of that's very good, it's perpetuating the late-rising pattern that I'd like to pull back a couple hours or so—especially now that nice summertime weather has finally arrived, I don't want to continue these bad habits that tend to keep me in the house through most of the day. I'm just going to have to buckle down, start setting my alarm for 8 am again, and make myself stick with it at least until my cycle resets. It's funny though, I was on that 8 am schedule for most of the past four months, and it took less than a week, while Doug was visiting, for the usual pattern to be re-established.

Of course, now I'm basically repeating myself, as I wrote about this during the 40 T/D/Y series. The KLF's "3 A.M. Eternal" might as well be my theme song—at least it's a kick-ass one (and how great is that video? it's goofy-great). 

I didn't take care of anything on the July list today, but I did take care of a little task that could've been on the list: I finally went to Target and used a gift card I got for my birthday to get some new socks, which I've really needed—especially short ones, as hot weather's finally here and I'm expecting to wear shorts for at least the next few days. Oh yeah, and the new socks (and underwear) are still sitting in the dryer, I guess I'll go take care of that now.


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