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mostly about Bauhaus

Writing daily is definitely going to be a challenge. Multiple challenges: pick a topic and go with it; don't over-analyze things; don't spend lots of time trying to get it right; don't write too long, time-wise or lengthwise; don't censor myself too much (I actually started to delete that, and wryly re-typed it).

I've come to Bauhaus Books & Coffee to get some writing done: this entry, which I'm doing first to make sure I get it done today calendar-wise, and then finalizing the condo meeting minutes that I've been neglecting. Bauhaus is one of my favorite spots in the city. It has good hot chocolate and usually has Top Pot doughnuts and other pastries (sometimes they run out in the evening). It's open late, until 1 am, which suits my schedule well. It has free wireless Internet access. It's almost always playing good music. The location is a little inconvenient for me, in that it takes one or two buses to get there depending on how far I want to walk, and if I'm going there in the evening then generally it makes more sense to drive, but parking is usually hard to find. However, it has a cool view of the Space Needle and some of downtown. And finally, speaking of views, it's a great place for people-watching, whether checking out others hanging out at Bauhaus or watching the many more walking by. 

That last part sometimes means Bauhaus isn't a great place to get writing done. There are a couple fancy nightclubs in the same block, as well as bars and restaurants up the hill, which means there are often many fine-looking women walking by. (Even during the day, there are plenty of attractive women on this part of Capitol Hill.) That definitely has a lot to do with Bauhaus being one of my favorite spots, but it can be quite distracting as well. Also, if I'm in a sour mood to begin with, that can make me even mopier. Still, overall that's a good thing.

Bauhaus makes me miss living on Capitol Hill. It'd be nice if I could easily walk here from home. Fremont does have Cafe Ladro, which is one of my other regular hangouts because it's open until 11 pm, but that's not as late as Bauhaus nor is it as cool. I don't know whether I'll ever move back to the Hill, but at least I can always come visit.


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