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The List: July 2010

Hello, July.

  • Make a list of things I need to get done and things I want to do. DONE
  • Finish the condo meeting minutes for the past three meetings and get them distributed. DONE
  • Purchase and install the Parallels 5 upgrade. DONE
  • Purchase and install upgrades to Windows 7 and Office 2010. STARTED (purchase made, install not done)
  • Update resume to include projects from the past six months, new skills learned (Camtasia, Demo Mate, Demo Showcase). STARTED
  • Reach out to new contact and remind him of availability to do Camtasia work.
  • Refresh contacts with agencies (Aquent, Comsys, Volt).
  • Make new contacts at MAQ Consulting and Creative Circle.
  • Get last year's financial/personal records filed away. DONE
  • Update financial worksheet with past year+ of data.
  • Organize gaming shelves.
  • Read self-help books that'd probably have already helped with personal issues if I'd read them already.
  • Pick up with learning Objective-C for iPhone programming.
  • Get battery for smoke detector. DONE
  • Ship old broken smoke detector back to manufacturer for proper disposal.
  • Start posting in LiveJournal daily. STARTED
  • Compile and post list of shows I've attended in the past year and not blogged about.
  • Get rid of old broken DVD player that's not worth spending money to fix.
  • Deal with condo website proposal.
  • Prep the Desert of Desolation module to run with Apocalypse D&D.
  • Attend concerts: Quintron & Miss Pussycat Tues July 13, My Secret History & Hotels July 21. DONE
  • Go dancing at Electric Tea Garden: Sweatbox, July 16. DONE
  • Edit Tony's Wildwoods book. OFF LIST (done by Farida)
  • Get a nice print of that graphic for that friend.
  • Make pizza crusts for Dawn's birthday gathering. DONE
  • Talk someone else into attending trivia at BalMar.
  • Make the V:CD mix and get them sent out.
  • Get the scanner working or get a replacement (and admit to Jay that he was right about all-in-ones being crap). DONE
  • Play more Torchlight.
It's ridiculous that I've been thinking at least since last December about making lists like this, but not doing it in part because as I already know I have important stuff to get done, I feel ridiculous spending time making a list instead of just doing stuff.



Jul. 4th, 2010 04:41 am (UTC)
I edited the Wildwoods book, so you can cross that off your list, too. :)

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