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I'm quite pleased to be starting my year off by posting on the KEXP Blog a concert review of one of my favorite local bands, Beehive, appearing with another old favorite, Library Science, a new favorite, CMYK, and a probable future favorite, Noddy. They all played at Neumos on Wednesday, January 6. I had a great time, got some decent photos, and you can read all about it and see the photos here on the KEXP Blog

Contrary to appearances, I did not stop attending shows at the end of last summer. I just fell far enough behind in my write-ups that I couldn't find the enthusiasm to do them when I had time. (It didn't help that it was a very hard year, nor that I was actually somewhat busy with work for a while during that period.) The last review I actually wrote was for the Bat for Lashes show that I saw in August, which I mentioned in my last concert review/KEXP Blog post, and it was supposed to run on the KEXP Blog. Unfortunately, the review kept getting pushed back due to coverage of other events—Bumbershoot, MusicFest Northwest, and some other stuff—so that by the time it could have been posted, a month or so had passed and it was now stale. However, I will post it here later this week, as I did really enjoy that show and want to share that with you. I also did take notes at most of the other concerts I went to in the past several months, and will do at least some kind of summary post, if not full separate reviews, very soon so that I can also get my 2009 Concerts List done.

Coming up this Wednesday, I'm going to see Asobi Seksu performing an acoustic set at the Triple Door, which should be fascinating, and I'm hoping to see St. Vincent at Neumos on Friday February 5. I'm looking forward to another year of great shows; it's already starting well.

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