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This past weekend I had the fortune of covering the 2009 Decibel Festival for KEXP. Over four nights from Thursday to Sunday, I heard a lot of different electronic artists, did some dancing, and even got in to a couple "secret" afterparties. You can find my articles by searching the Decibel Festival category on the blog (and for some reason my posts are the only ones under that category, even though they had at least one preview post and must've had some kind of coverage in previous years), but I'll also link them individually here:
I had a great time overall. If I had one complaint, it was just that the venues were spread out across town, making it impossible to check everything out—though with so many acts and events, it wouldn't have been possible anyhow, and I actually do like the idea of this being a cross-Seattle event rather than a single-neighborhood event. Also, as two of the venues, Neumos and Sole Repair, were directly across the street from each other, I got to see a lot more than I would've otherwise. Not all of the music was to my taste, but there was always something else worth checking out. I also want to give a shout out to the Electric Tea Garden and its friendly staff. Finally thanks to the staff and volunteers of the Decibel Festival for putting together such a great weekend showcasing electronic music; Seattle is definitely a better city musically for hosting this event.

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