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Months ago in April, I started writing a series of articles for the KEXP Blog called "Know Your Subgenres". For various reasons it took me a long while to get a second one done, but I'm pleased to say a new article is up now. This installment is on what might be called the original subgenre of rock, rockabilly, and you can read it here on the KEXP Blog. It's actually the third article I've written; the one that took so long to write, about art rock, has been tabled for now so that we could have this one up in connection with the 22nd annual Shake the Shack Rockabilly Ball going on this weekend. 

I also wrote a review of Bat for Lashes in concert at the end of August, which I believe will still be going up on the KEXP Blog; there's been so much else going on with Bumbershoot and MusicFest NW that it kept being postponed. This weekend, despite writing about rockabilly for the Rockabilly Ball, I'm actually going to the Decibel Festival instead and blogging about that for KEXP; in fact right now I'm going to do a quick write-up of the opening events from last night.

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