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A week ago Monday the 17th, I went to the Crocodile to see Emilíana Torrini. I can't now recall exactly why I picked up her English-debut album Love in the Time of Science, back around 2000 or so—it was an impromptu purchase, but I don't know what whim made me decide to check it out—but I've really enjoyed it since, and though I haven't picked up her more recent ones I've continued to be interested. So I took the opportunity to go see her and write another review for KEXP, which you can now read here on the KEXP Blog.

This isn't the only show I've been to in August—I've already posted a couple photos from the KEXP Concerts at the Mural series, which I volunteered for, but for most of them I didn't plan on writing reviews and so didn't take any notes. That said, I should do a writeup about the series, particularly as I fell in love with The Dodos. I also went to see The Animals At Night back at the beginning of the month and do have notes on that show, so I will try to write that up soon. Finally, just tonight I went to see Bat for Lashes at Neumos and was blown away by their amazing performance; I plan to write that one up as another KEXP Blog post, and hopefully it'll be posted early next week.

I have to say I found this year's Bumbershoot lineup to be rather lackluster—Hotels are playing on Saturday, which is very exciting of course, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are on Sunday, but overall just not really anyone I'm that excited to see. So I may still go if I can do any volunteering for KEXP but otherwise plan to skip it. (I hate to miss any Hotels show, but I do see them all the time already.) However, I'm excited as always that Freezepop will once again be in town for PAX and are playing a club show at El Corazón on Sunday Sept. 6. This will be the last show with founding member Kasson Crooker, aka The Duke of Pannekoeken, so it's definitely not one to miss!

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