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  • Sun, 12:05: Is today the day I get sunburned this summer? It may be.
  • Sun, 12:53: I am, you are, we are movers shakers makers with the Redwood Plan. https://t.co/5GcjZHnu3r
  • Sun, 13:43: Skipping Tegan & Sara, don't want to walk all the way into the mainstage. Waiting in the shade to see how Ramona Falls is.
  • Sun, 14:04: Every time I see a violinist in a rock band, I miss the Dambuilders. No one ever rocks out on violin like Joan Wasser used to.
  • Sun, 14:07: (Also, I miss Joan Wasser rocking out on violin. Joan As Police Woman just isn't the same, or really interesting to me.)
  • Sun, 14:39: Last Ramona Falls song sounds vaguely familiar, not enough to declare "Oh, THESE guys"; bit surprising as I've definitely heard of them.
  • Sun, 14:40: Pretty good stuff though, Ramona Falls were definitely worth checking out.
  • Sun, 15:41: Looks like the Bumbershoot award for "Most Unsuited to a Midafternoon Slot" goes, ironically, to Midday Veil. Do sound promising though.
  • Sun, 17:23: As expected, @katiekatemusic killed it at Bumbershoot. And much as I hate zombies, they were justified for her song.
  • Sun, 19:37: Tamaryn's getting gothy, pulling the heads off a bouquet of roses. Good music, loved the album, not really excited by the performance.


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