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Ivars the Troll came stomping out of the woods one day. Up he strode to the gates of Bell-town, and he banged upon the gates with a massive fist. Open the gates to me, he cried. Now a troll is not to be trifled with, but the people of Bell-town felt secure behind their walls and gates, and so they asked, Who are you, ruffian, to demand entrance so? The troll answered, I am Ivars, and I will be a Wizard of Cetak! At that there was much laughter, for all knew that, fearsome though they may be, trolls were uncouth barbarians without the wit for wizardry. So the guards said, Be off! We'll not have your foolishness here. Were you a Wizard, you could enter at will without force. Ivars replied, Indeed! If you wil not open the gates for me, why, I will make a gate for myself. Fearing an assault, the guards readied their weapons. But Ivars stepped back, and with a hum and a thrum and a wave of his hands, he bade the stones of the wall to move aside for him. And the stones shivered and shifted, they slid and they stacked, and soon there was a new archway through the wall. Ivars strode through the archway into Bell-town, and said, I'll not have others use my arch, and with another wave, the stones moved back to seal the wall. 

Now the burghers of Bell-town still did not want an uncouth troll claiming the status of Wizard, so they sent to the Conclave. The sorcerers of the Conclave came to Bell-town and challenged Ivars, saying, We know the fey have the secret of stone-speech. Your trick is not enough to claim to be a Wizard. Ivars laughed at the sorcerers and said, Set forth your challenge! I am Ivars, and I will be a Wizard of Cetak! The sorcerers said, Though you be strong of body, all know that trolls are weak of will. We shall compel you to return to the woods, and you will not resist. And they stretched forth their staves, and scribed the symbols in the air, and declared, Begone! But Ivars laughed again, and said, Troll I am, but Wizard I will be, and you will bow to my will. And with a hum and a thrum and a wave of his hands, he wiped the symbols from the air, and with unseen hands hoisted the sorcerers into the air by their staves till they cried out for mercy. Then Ivars let them fall with a bump to the ground, and the sorcerers bowed before him and departed on the wind back to the Conclave.

Still were the burghers of Bell-town reluctant to call a troll Wizard. So they said, if this troll claims to be a Wizard, we'll let a Wizard deal with him. And they sent for the Wizard Kyson. The burghers cried, We'll not have this troll here sullying our town! See him off! And Kyson said, I will see to this troll. Kyson stode to the square where Ivars waited, and looked the troll square in the eye. Ivars returned the gaze without flinching. And Kyson extended his hand and said, Welcome, brother Wizard. For Wizard knows Wizard. And Ivars grinned and cried, I am Ivars, and I am a Wizard of Cetak! And the burghers bowed their heads in acquiescence. And that is how Ivars the Troll became a Wizard of Cetak.

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