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I write a lot about being stressed over the many things I have to do and keep putting off. And while easily half the items on The List are unimportant things that can be done any time (and hence keep getting put off for that reason), the other half are things that really are important toward advancing my career, fixing my financial situation, or just generally making me better or happier.

That said: this afternoon, after cleaning the litter box and the bathroom as I planned, I spent a couple hours just lying or sitting on the couch, listening to KEXP, with Nimiel snuggling up to me. And it was nice, and relaxing. And I don't regret spending my time that way at all.

Then I went over to PCC Natural Market to pick up some things for dinner, and made and ate a nice dinner. After posting this, I'm heading over to the High Dive to see Hotels and dance. And tomorrow, besides doing laundry, I'm probably going over to Tony's to play a board game for the afternoon. 

Monday I've got work to do, I'm tabling for KEXP at the Dodos show at Neumos, and I have to take care of some car crash-related stuff. And of course The List abides, and I need to start tackling some of those important items as well as the ones I've already started. But this weekend, I'm mostly relaxing and not worrying about it.


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