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On Thursday, February 24, I went to the Crocodile to see Man or Astro-Man?, with the Octopus Project opening. I only have one Man or Astro-Man? album, 1994's Destroy All Astromen!, but I love it and I've always meant to pick up some more of their albums, so I was very much looking forward to the show. The Octopus Project turned out to be very cool as well. You can read all about the show in my post on the KEXP Blog. I took several photos which you can see in my Flickr set, but I highly recommend checking out the ones by the official KEXP photographer for this show, Renata Steiner, in the KEXPlive photostream; Renata got some awesome shots. Also thanks to Manuel W., I was able to post a couple decent photos of the climactic theremin battle, which Renata didn't shoot, and you can see his photos on Flickr too.

…I also just discovered that I screwed up when I created that post and put the wrong date, 2/26, in the title. And since the URL for the post is generated from the title, I suppose it won't be fixed. Darn it! Edit: It was fixed!

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